Testimonials (Ghostwriting)

The problem with ghostwriting is that I can’t say who my clients are! Still, here are a few comments –

Anoushka, London

I was so happy to work with Lauran because she made it easy, despite the distance. I think her knowledge of London also greatly helped me shape my book – she knows it better than I do! Reviews have been very good so far, my sales are growing and Lauran’s knowledge of publishing has really helped me save time. I very much recommend choosing Lauran as your ghostwriter!

Bill, Texas

A friend put me on to Lauran when I wanted to write my memoir for my family. She was very easy to work with, delivered work very promptly. Me and my family are very, very pleased with the outcome! My book was intended just for my family, a legacy if you will, but  I’m seriously considering Lauran’s suggestion of publishing it on Kindle. Lauran is the best and I feel I really got my money’s worth, her work is top rate and she didn’t waste time at all.

Catherine, New York

My story is quite extreme and Lauran was really easy to work with on it, I’m sure partly because of her years spent working in the anti-rape movement. She’s very easy to work with, her work looks perfect to me, and I really recommend her. I feel I was very lucky to find her and an indebted to her for her suggestions regarding the publishing of my book. I had no idea what to do and I figure Lauran’s help has saved me a huge amount of time.  Awesome!


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