About Ghostwriting

Rock Star

What is ghostwriting?

It’s simply having someone write a document that is published under someone else’s name.  The person who pays the ghostwriter for their work, usually.

It’s been estimated that as many as 80% of bestsellers are written by ghostwriters. Many bestsellers are ‘written’ by people who are already famous, like business magnates, celebrities, sports stars. Even if they can write, they often don’t have time to, so they choose a ghostwriter.

What can a ghostwriter do for you?

A ghostwriter can write your story. You can use it to improve business, change careers, impress clients, tell your story and inspire, pass on family history, and many other things. Many business people are finding that publishing a book improves business exponentially.

Why Choose Me As A Ghostwriter?

I’m easy to talk to, listen closely, understand a lot and have excellent writing skills.

Is Distance A Problem?

No. Although I usually prefer to sit in person with a client and tape record our talks, transcribing them later, it is possible to work long distance with clients with tools such as Skype.



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