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Art, Sponsorship, Evolution, Civilisation – Why Sponsoring my Art Basel Show is a Good Idea


Given my post on being sponsored for my Art Basel show this year, below, I think it’s a good idea to write something on the importance of sponsorship for artists.

Without sponsorship many of those who are now considered great artists would never have been able to paint. Michelangelo and Da Vinci had patrons who gave them the money and resources to create most of their extraordinary work. Van Goth and Gauguin had brothers who supported them, not at all extravagantly, but still with this sponsorship they were then able to create their revolutionary paintings.

In the world of science sponsorship too has always been crucial and very often for much greater amounts than artists have been traditionally given. That’s because ecreating scientific experiments tends to be so much more expensive. Tesla was the genius who greatly suffered through his refusal to find one patron and thus had debilitating financial woes. (But if you read his biography he still had a life that was a lot fancier life than most!)

More recently in the social media application world Instagram accepted $500 million in sponsorship right before they were bought by Facebook for $1 billion. They had sponsorship funding from the beginning.

As you can see sponsorship has been critical to many great advances in civilisation. It’s hard to imagine a world where sponsorship had not existed. Even the wars that have split the world into different territories that we know as countries were sponsored!

Without money and other resources, art languishes. As the I Ching says, ‘The duty of the artist is to re-unite people with their reality.’. Art helps us perceive and evolve, both externally and internally. Without art we would all lead greatly diminished lives – can you imagine a world without even colorful packaging for your dishwashing liquid? With no beautiful buildings to see and live in and no movies? Even our cars are partly art.

So, art is important and creating it costs money. I’m looking for sponsorship because I happen to believe intensely in my art – people love it, it’s colorful, upbeat, unique – and I want sufficient funds to apply the time, energy and other resources to create a great show, plus publicity.

I feel my art and brand is a highly positive contribution in general and can greatly enhance a sponsor’s brand in particular. It’ll be really fun being a great brand ambassador!

If you’d like to contact me regarding sponsorship opportunities you can contact me at, which is also my Paypal address if you’d like to make a contribution to the expenses of the show. I’m asking for $50,000.

Comments on or experiences of sponsorship welcome!