Art Basel Sponsorship

Lauran Childs the Artist

Art Basel Party

I’m seeking $50,000 sponsorship to cover my expenses in creating an art show for Art Basel. This is the perfect opportunity for sponsors to profit from the culturally significant audience with a lot of influence that Art Basel offers. My show offers the perfect marriage of art and business opportunity.

You can contact me at That’s also the address of my Paypal account, donations welcome!



Sobe Blonde

Wow, that’s interesting – I just signed up at a sponsorship site, They give you options to accept individual donations. Who could say no?!

I didn’t think to put a section on sponsorship on my site but I should have. Like most Miami artists I spend more time doing marketing than painting. It’d be far better to have a sponsor, as some people have, and create work that supports the sponsor’s business and then your own. Win-win.

So if any possible sponsors are out there who’d love to sponsor me and benefit from my work and location I’d love to hear your proposal. The types of companies I’m particularly interested in working with are car, music and alcohol companies.

Why these types of companies? You may have noticed that a lot of my creations are about celebrating life in a quality manner. These types of companies can all greatly enhance the quality of one’s life. Also the alcohol isn’t just because I really enjoy drinking it , but because I’ve been longing for years to put the above painting on a vodka bottle where it belongs!

Any takers?

Potential sponsors or indeed donors are welcome to contact me at Hey, that’s the address of my Paypal account too!




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