Fiat Contest Submission for Art Basel, Miami

Fiat Contest Art Basel, Miami

I just entered the Fiat Contest at, my submission is above and this is the blurb I submitted with it:

“My submission is based on a South Beach mural I did (Opposite the Loews Hotel in the US Vintage store.). People love the wildness of this design, it’s definitely attention-getting and I think it suits the Fiat and Fiat’s marketing efforts at this time.

I’d absolutely love to win this competition to have my work showcased in Miami. I’m an English artist in Miami and previously the art market here has been pretty closed to European artists as the majority of people here are Latin. However 90% of real estate sales are currently being sold to international buyers and as well as Latin Americans that includes a lot of Europeans and Chinese. I’m expecting these new buyers will be more open to my art which is actually ‘very Miami’.

My birthday is on 7th December so it’d make it even more wonderful to have my art showcased on a Fiat car at Art Basel in Miami at that time this year!!!”

More on this later, but here’s what the contest includes – the top 3 winners get their winning entries put onto Fiats and shown at the Art Basel art show, Miami this year. Cool or what?! Great exposure for an artist.

In addition the top prize winner gets travel costs and allowance to stay in Miami for that period – although the per diem is $150 which isn’t going to get you much of a hotel on South Beach, particularly during Art Basel. But it’s a start! There are also other prizes, including $4,500 for the first prize.

More on this competition later!


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