Writers Shouldn’t Be Paid Also?

‘How to Stay Young and Beautiful Forever’ by Lara Adams

Carrying on from the post I wrote a while ago (below) regarding how people often ask artists to work for free, here’s an excellent post from top copywriter Robert Bly regarding people trying to get free work from writers too – http://bly.com/blog/general/why-does-everyone-think-writers-shouldnt-be-paid/



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Artists Should Work for Free – Not

It’s been in my mind for a while to write an article about this garbage idea that abounds and that I’ve been insulted with occasionally – that artists should work for free.

Maria Brophy has written an article on the subject on her excellent blog, see it here – http://mariabrophy.com/business-of-art/why-artists-should-not-be-paid-for-their-artwork.html