Support Individual Artists – Sponsorship World

Vlada Man

Wow, getting involved in the sponsorship world is really interesting! From getting a support request from Michael McCoy at the film site I discovered where individuals propose film projects for funding. So many talented people.

Support the arts, you know you want to!

I’m really talking about supporting individuals here, not those many so-called arts foundations where applicants have to jump through boring hoops to garner what is usually minor funding and the organisation probably takes a lot of the funds raised – like a lot of ‘charity’ organisations do.

Support individuals and their art! Starting with me of course – see Sponsorship link above and Sponsorship posts below.

Be part of the change you want to see.


Art Buying Groups

There was a very interesting article yesterday in the Financial Times Weekend Section about groups of people who band together to buy art which they then share on a regular basis – change the paintings around in all their houses every 6 months for example.

Apparently this has been happening a while and even through established art institutions such as Webb’s Auction House, Auckland, New Zealand and galleries in England.

I like the idea, art collectives can buy my paintings anytime!