Exciting! Bird Road Art Walk in Miami


Last Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Bird Road Art Walk in Miami at the request of my friend graffitti artist Zun who’s leaving Miami for LA. (Another one!)

Zun's Graffitti

Example of Zun’s Graffitti

Unlike the snotty attitudes and crap ‘art’ so often found in the Wynwood district and South Beach, the Bird Road art area actually has some really talented artists and the gallery owners that I met were very welcoming. There is a feeling of excitement at the talent that is housed there and the growing art nexus that the area is.

Irma Garcia

Irma Garcia

Irma Garcia of the Art Venezolano en Miami gallery was a delight to talk with and I really enjoyed looking at the work of her artists there – they tend to be strong and pop art style, which I like. The work of Jesse Paz was really interesting and impressive, he shares a studio with his girlfriend who creates beautiful photography. Jesse had portraits of gangsters in suits with guns amongst other subjects and rap music playing. Loved it!

The grafitti that surrounds the area is electric and compelling – Zun is one of those artists. Great stuff.

I didn’t get to see all the studios and have just highlighted the bits I liked most here, but there’s lots to explore and the area is being called the best area for Miami art . If you’re visiting don’t miss out on seeing it!

See – http://www.thebirdroadartdistrict.com .

I’m definitely getting involved in this area and will be writing more about it soon.



Finished – ‘Lap Dancers, Clients and An Angel’

Finished Lap Dancer Painting

Acyrlic and pencil on canvas, 36″ x 24″ x 1.5″.

Where I’m Up To –

on ‘Lap Dancer, Clients and An Angel‘.

It’s feeling close to the end but I’m not clear on the next moves to make. Usually when I paint or write the next move spontaneously reveals itself but this painting, like the last one, ‘Healing in Theta‘, is requiring a lot of thought. Unlike ‘Healing in Theta’ the right thing to do is not revealing itself fast.

Still, my paintings still look deceptively simple and I like that. I’m still foxed why the angel turned up but all will be revealed – maybe? Will write the story of this in my story of paintings section when finished. Comments welcome.

Nov. Lapdancing, Clients and An Angel

Artists Should Work for Free – Not

It’s been in my mind for a while to write an article about this garbage idea that abounds and that I’ve been insulted with occasionally – that artists should work for free.

Maria Brophy has written an article on the subject on her excellent blog, see it here – http://mariabrophy.com/business-of-art/why-artists-should-not-be-paid-for-their-artwork.html