OK I Think –

Dos Labios Sensual – Mural by Lauran Childs, New York

It’s time to start to put together some of the diverse parts of my creative life – art, writing, film. And maybe we’ll get to the dancing and partying! Who knows? (Actually you may want to check out www.LoveMiamiBlog.com – a taste of things to come.)

So here on the site is a gallery of art past and in creation, also I’ll be adding different writing that I’ve done along the way – I’ve always been a writer, lately I’ve been working on a couple of screenplays. Watch this space… And read my Rock Star novel which I’m about to put a link to on the right.

*** Comments on this site welcome. I always get such great feedback in real life, it’d be nice to have at least some of it on this site!




Horse by Lauran Childs

I’m now painting murals again. A computer virus ate up all my saved documents and pics but there are still a lot of examples of my art to view on this site.

If you want a mural get in touch at lauranchilds@yahoo.com.

Art Basel

Art Basel has just come and gone again in Miami. Last year I got exhausted seeing lots of art and attending lots of events and thought a lot of the ‘art’ I saw was crap. This year I didn’t bother much with Art Basel but I saw some artists that I liked. I hope it was a profitable exercise for all – but I doubt it.