-The Funnest Exhibition I Ever Went To/Fox Games at Denver Art Museum

Above is Fox Games, a sculptural installation in Denver Art Museum and it’s my favourite part of the place. It’s much better in reality, the foxes are dark grey and the installation continues around the corner. If you’re the kind of person who likes the same things in your home for a very long time – and you have a very big home – this could be really fun.

This is the best art museum/exhibition I’ve ever been to. The building itself has lots of unexpected shapes and areas, with inclined walls and ceilings that are modernistic and white. Lots of the art is a pleasure and there’s a very international choice – American, ‘Island’, Inuit, African and more.

There were loads of people at the museum (I went on a Sunday), an astonishing amount I thought. Obviously what they’re doing there is working.

At the time I went there was an exhibition of Charles Marion Russell’s paintings which I found surprisingly enjoyable. They’re paintings of the old west, of cowboys and ‘Indians’. I heard a docent advising a group of people that he painted out of nostalgia, and within a 30 year period the west was settled, agriculture was begun and the times of Native Americans riding and owning the plains was over. So was the wild west. Amazing.

Russell’s work had a lot of detail, energy and great colours. Interestingly he became really productive when he got married and his wife insisted on regular work hours and only two drinks a day. Before then he liked to get very hammered, a lot.


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