– Art and Ascot/Searching for Beauty


When I went to the Denver Art Museum I was struck again by the amount of old and unhealthy people who go to see art. Similarly I was struck at the famous horse race Ascot in England by the same thing – people who neglect their own health and beauty will pay to go see something else that carries those attributes.

Humans crave beauty, why abandon it in oneself? Why pay for the health and care of beautiful horses and neglect your own? Why pay to wallow in visual beauty and perception, of moods and more captured in art, and abandon your own beauty and essence?

The human body is a wonderful and miraculously efficient creation, why not keep it in harmony as best we can? Stand up straight, give ourselves the exercise and energy we naturally crave? Stress and hard circumstances are not adequate excuse for the mass abandonment of physical health we still witness.


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