Lauran Childs Mural New York

Pescgato Mural New York

Dos Labios Sensual - Mural by Lauran Childs, New York

Dos Labios Sensual Mural, New York

Pricing starts at $35 per square foot and decreases with increased size of mural; at 290 sf price drops to $32/sf – at 500 sf drops to $30/sf – at 900 sf price drops to $28/sf.

(Square Foot is determined by multiplying the height x width of the painting surface)

*Price per square foot may increase if design requested is complex.  This will be indicated in price quote and determined at the time that the final sketch is approved.

SAMPLE PRICING, per square foot:

Prices per Unit Size (sample sizes)
Up to 10ft. x 16ft. 160ft. $5,600.00
11ft. x 16ft. 176ft. $6,160.00
12ft. x 20ft. 240ft. $8,400.00
13ft. x 20ft. 260ft. $9,100.00
14ft. x 21ft. 294ft. $9,410.00
15ft. x 23ft. 345ft. $11,040.00
17ft. x 26ft. 442ft. $14,144.00
18ft. x 28ft. 504ft. $15,120.00
19ft. x 30ft. 570ft. $17,100.00
20ft. x 31ft. 620ft. $18,600.00
25ft. x 39ft. 975ft. $27,300.00
28ft. x 44ft. 1232ft. $34,500.00

Non-Refundable Design/Sketch Fee:  $500 – $1000 depending on the complexity of the project.

Pricing includes:  Travel within Miami, all materials, rental equipment, assistant fees and work to completion.


A 50% deposit is required no less than 2 weeks before start date of project, balance is due on completion. This enables scheduling of your project and procurement of necessary materials.


Artist Wall Mural Painting Proposal – (Client Name)

Date:  July 29, 2013 – Proposal valid for 30 days

FOR:  (Client) Contact Name: _________________ Phone: _________________
Billing Address:______________________________________________

Description:  Client wishes to enhance their space with original artwork in the form of a mural and enhancements by Lauran Childs (Artist)Price Breakdown:Design by Artist in sketch form – $500/ $1,000. Wall Mural sized 323 Square Feet / Surface is Ready-to-Paint $10,330Price Includes:  Paint Materials and Scaffolding  / Expense of an assistant required to help with the paintingPrice does not include:  Unforeseen Complex painting design / design changes, Liability insurance, Unforeseen additional work due to adverse conditions on surface that may require extraneous labor.
PRICE/TERMS:  $10,830  Deposit of $5,418 required *DEPOSIT MUST BE PAID 14 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF SCHEDULED WORK*Full balance of $5,418 due on the day of completion.  Checks should be made out to Lauran Childs.  All copyrights to the artwork remain in the ownership of Artist

By signing below, we state that we agree to the terms set forth in this document:

FOR ARTIST:                                                        FOR COMPANY:

AUTHORIZED BY:  Artists Name Here                     AUTHORIZED BY:

SIGNATURE:______________      SIGNATURE:_________________

Thanks to Maria Brophy of who provided most of the above.


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