March 7th 2014 – I’d like to mention a couple of projects I’d like to do;

1. Add art, inspiration and practical improvement to Greyhound stations nationally.

2. Design both the bottle labels for wine, beer and whatever else, and also the handles that are used for specific draught beers.


I just got asked by a newspaper for my mission statement, here it is;

“My art is simple and direct, it’s bright and comes from a good place. Sometimes, like with the Lap Dancer Paintings, they make you think. But mostly my work is a celebration of life.”


3 thoughts on “ARTIST’S STATEMENT

  1. Well if you’re going to celebrate anything, celebrating life takes some beating so good for you and great for this planet, very big thank you for sharing your work, sincere regards, Barry

    1. Thank you so much Barry, I visited your site and am fascinated and impressed, very much resonated with what I was reading and am looking forward to exploring it more.

      All the best,


  2. Hi Lauran, I don’t know about being fascinated and impressed by the theme of my blog, because I feel as if I’ve spent a lot of my mortality in a state of grrrrrrrrrr, nooooooooo, wow and phew etc, therein I’m often surprised how receptive fellow mortals are to my work.

    That said, it’s not about me, it’s about applauding your work on your blog, so keep on doing and expressing and creating as you currently do and will eventually evolve into, for its changing you, those who visit your blog and this funny old planet for the better for sure, sincere regards, Barry

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