Lapdancers, Clients and An Angel – 11/26/2013

1Latest Lapdancer

For Sale – $5,000 direct from me, $10,000 elsewhere.

I don’t feel I have too much more to do on my latest lap dancer painting but it’s perplexing me so I’m writing about it.

Originally this was a simple pictures of lapdancers with 3 clients, emphasis on the clients. Then the guy on the right morphed from an innocent looking boy to someone more effete, and then an angel. A very depressed looking angel, and not exactly healthy looking as he’s smoking – and what a pallor! (Spelling?)

I don’t know why the angel came along or what the meaning is, I just follow how the painting wants to evolve and this is what felt right. Maybe after I finish it I’ll have an idea why he’s there – at some point.

I like that although it’s a strip club it’s not vulgar at all, the emphasis is on the guys and now the angel. I’m going to ask some owners of strip clubs what they think of it – could be interesting. Will keep you posted!

Meanwhile hope to finish this tonight. Comments welcome.

36″ x 48″ x 1.5″

Healing in Theta

 For Sale – $5,000 direct from me, $10,000 elsewhere.

‘Healing in Theta’ is an acrylic painting on canvas (36″ x 48″ x 1.5″) I recently finished (Oct. 2013). The idea came to me in response to a request for me to do live painting from an organisation connected to breast cancer.

I was very excited by this request; I love live painting, group events where I get to speak or perform – parties in general! Also a lot of my beliefs about healing that are really about self-healing and not going to allopathic doctors. This was an exciting opportunity to put my deeply held beliefs into an inspiring, meaningful painting.

The live painting was not to be. Mysteriously, despite my connection’s extreme excitement about me live painting, the request was withdrawn with budget restraints cited as the reason. Given the extreme funds that go into the breast cancer industry,  this seemed incredible to me. I suspect it had to do more with my Lap Dancing paintings which some interpret as anti-women.

Nevertheless, I was excited to being this painting I’d already sketched out on canvas. I’d been frothing at the mouth to do it before the event so the cancellation was good in that I could begin the painting immediately.

Here are elements of ‘Healing in Theta’ the way I see them;

Star‘Wish Upon a Star’ (Earth, Wind and Fire). astrolical influence of stars – and some think we originated from stars, follow your star (Barbara Ann Brennan, who I recall talked about the soul star or similar a little lower than the base of the throat), being a star, absorbing star energy in DNA.

Woman – the origin of this painting is described above so it’s natural I chose a woman as the central focus. It wouldn’t have surprised me if people thought the woman was black when the woman I painted from is white (that’s happened before in my paintings), but what did surprise me is that the figure is also perceived as androgynous.

The hands across the breasts fitted with the theme of breast cancer – although you can see the side of one breast she may or may not have another one. Which makes me think of Amazon warriors who cut off one breast to hunt and fight more effectively. Amazon warrior goes with the theme of a strong, victorious woman.

Caduceus, symbol of healing – also a DNA strand, the white circles relate to higher vibrations of energy from earth, from the star for example. Related to spiritual energy. Gold and silver relate to high energies. The top of the caduceus where the snake heads are shaped in the form of a heart which makes me think of the  conjunctio or alchemical marriage within (Concept in the Runes.).

The caduceus also makes me think of an Hawaiian lei.

Red Road – to left. I actually live on the side of Red Road in Coral Gables, Miami, and in Native American culture it’s meaning is one’s life on earth. This red road reminds me of  the color of blood, of course related to the idea of mortality which is a big issue of course for people dealing with cancer whom the painting was originally intended for.

What I liked after I’d painted it was noticing that the trajectory of the red road leads to the point of the tan tien above the woman’s navel, which is a seat of power also used very much in martial arts, and is an essential point on the haric line (The line of energy running between heaven and earth around which our physical bodies are manifest. See Barbara Ann Brennan’s ‘Hands of Light’ for more.)

Butterfly – well known symbol of transformation.

Snake/Bottom green line of mountain.

I scored on this one!

A very unpleasant neighbor stole the green paint I originally used for the green line at the base of the mountain and I wanted just a little more of the same green paint to make the line perfect. So I began to run lines of related green up and down the origianl painted line and I thought “You know, this looks like a snake.”

I really liked the idea of making it a snake but as the snake was pointing straight to the corner of the women’s elbow first I looked up the synbolic meaning of ‘elbow‘. I wanted the meaning to work with the idea. of the painting.

So I looked up ‘elbow’ in Louise Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ – she has an alphabetical list of parts of the body and health symptoms with their more than likely meanings – and next to elbow she has ‘Represents changing directions and accepting new experiences.‘.

Bingo! The meaning worked perfectly with my painting of course. I painted in the snake’s eyes and head and a friend noted that  what I’d actually painted was a legless lizard. A legless lizard doesn’t have a defined head, it’s one strip of body ending in an undefined head. I wanted the meaning of a snake so then I put in a diamond shaped snake’s head . Voila!

Lastly – almost – the painting has lots of glitter paint on it, and this was originally chosen because the painting was originally to do with breast cancer and thus have particularly female viewers (I thought) who are healing and I wanted the colors to be more gentle than in some of my other paintings. The glitter for me alludes to spiritual energy.

Also the yellow at the base of the hair is a slightly different yellow than the rest of the yellow in the hair (Why is the hair yellow and brown and reminds me of swirls of ice cream? Don’t know.) and this alludes to hair being psychic antennae and that region of the hair being beneath high spiritual energy in the DNA strand of the caduceus. So it’s lighter right there.

I’d heard about the idea of hair being spiritual antennae and I asked a Rasta with very long dreads if he felt that his hair was spiritual antennae. He said he very much believed so, the longer his hair gets the more he picks up and when he was bald he picked up far less psychically.

Finally – When I look at the painting I see how to the left the colors/energies tend to be denser, so that means that the denser energies are to her right. This relates to the left and right brain hemispheres of the brain, which I don’t know much about but I do believe that the left side is more receptive to energy, the right side more relates to action and creation.

It’s significant to me that the green (color of healing – and money), butterfly and snake are to the left of the figure, the receptive side where she takes in transformational energies. Some believe the DNA strand can be transformed positively by spiritual light/energy and thus is a fulcrum (link with elbow) in transformational healing in the manifestation of health. It doesn’t have to be exclusively physical health.

If you have any thoughts about this painting that you’d like to share you’re very welcome! You can contact me privately about it at


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