Healing in Theta‘Healing in Theta’ Oct. 2013

For sale – $6,000 direct from me, $10,000 elsewhere. – Pay direct via Paypal at

Acrylic pop art painting on canvas, lots of glitter paint.. 36″ x 24″ x 1.5″. This painting was done as a response to a request from an opening breast cancer facility to do some live art at their grand opening. See stories of how my art evolved for more information on this.

Above – Disney on Acid

Booty Call – Above.


Ice Cream

Mesh Bikini

Above – Dream On

Above:  Mi Corazone

Above:   Judge Zip Robertson and Major Tom


Flamenco Dancer

Above:    The Kiss



 ‘Moody Blonde’ – available on South Beach t-shirts!

New Work Coming soon! And the above image available on t-shirts.

 Peace – 36″x36″


Through the Door – 96″ x “48



Emerging – 36″ x 48″


‘Angelo’ – 36″ x 48″

‘Contemplating’ – 36″ x 48″

Also see Gallery 2.

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