Rejection and Light

Healing in Theta

I was absolutely thrilled and honored today to get turned down for a contract. Yes, really.

How could that be? The business owner who wrote it understood that my work is positive and felt as a result that I wouldn’t be suitable to deal with the more dark themes of their business. Their letter was generous, articulate, intelligent and a lot more things. In fact, a real pleasure to read.

Actually I know a LOT about the dark side of nature (including mine), and people instinctively trust me and find no problem in telling me a lot of dark stuff unasked. But as I say in my mission statement, it’s my intention with my work to uplift people and I’m very committed to that. You know that idea, ‘What you put your attention on grows’? So while I very much believe in being honest and calling a spade a spade, I prefer to focus on good things, including looking for the good that can come even from bad things – ‘making lemonade out of lemons’.

So yes it’s a shame that I didn’t get to work with such a mentally stimulating business, but on the other hand being recognised for the kind of thing I do is a really nice thing for me. Particularly in the face of all the dark attempts at so-called ‘art’, including writing, that seem to get funded and promoted so easily. Know what I mean?

The right client will appear.


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