Adopt A Wonderful Animal Today!



I’ve just been by the mobile adoption unit at Pinecrest Gardens today, and they have beautiful cats and dogs ready to be wonderful pets. Even better, for this month there are no adoption fees! Here’s the contact info for Miami-Dade Adoption Center;

Call 311

Animal Services Dept.

7401 N.W. 74th St.

Miami, Fl. 33168

I got my cat Beastie from there and he’s absolutely magical, I really recommend improving your life by adopting an animal if you can give it a good home.


Women in Art Magazine


I’ve been communicating with Liesl Marelli, owner of women’s art magazine, and I really like what they say in their ‘About Us’ section;

“Women in Art 278 Magazine promotes female artists from across the globe. We believe in empowering women and reminding the world what we are made of and why supporting women in the arts matters. #art278”



Exciting! Bird Road Art Walk in Miami


Last Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Bird Road Art Walk in Miami at the request of my friend graffitti artist Zun who’s leaving Miami for LA. (Another one!)

Zun's Graffitti

Example of Zun’s Graffitti

Unlike the snotty attitudes and crap ‘art’ so often found in the Wynwood district and South Beach, the Bird Road art area actually has some really talented artists and the gallery owners that I met were very welcoming. There is a feeling of excitement at the talent that is housed there and the growing art nexus that the area is.

Irma Garcia

Irma Garcia

Irma Garcia of the Art Venezolano en Miami gallery was a delight to talk with and I really enjoyed looking at the work of her artists there – they tend to be strong and pop art style, which I like. The work of Jesse Paz was really interesting and impressive, he shares a studio with his girlfriend who creates beautiful photography. Jesse had portraits of gangsters in suits with guns amongst other subjects and rap music playing. Loved it!

The grafitti that surrounds the area is electric and compelling – Zun is one of those artists. Great stuff.

I didn’t get to see all the studios and have just highlighted the bits I liked most here, but there’s lots to explore and the area is being called the best area for Miami art . If you’re visiting don’t miss out on seeing it!

See – .

I’m definitely getting involved in this area and will be writing more about it soon.


Rejection and Light

Healing in Theta

I was absolutely thrilled and honored today to get turned down for a contract. Yes, really.

How could that be? The business owner who wrote it understood that my work is positive and felt as a result that I wouldn’t be suitable to deal with the more dark themes of their business. Their letter was generous, articulate, intelligent and a lot more things. In fact, a real pleasure to read.

Actually I know a LOT about the dark side of nature (including mine), and people instinctively trust me and find no problem in telling me a lot of dark stuff unasked. But as I say in my mission statement, it’s my intention with my work to uplift people and I’m very committed to that. You know that idea, ‘What you put your attention on grows’? So while I very much believe in being honest and calling a spade a spade, I prefer to focus on good things, including looking for the good that can come even from bad things – ‘making lemonade out of lemons’.

So yes it’s a shame that I didn’t get to work with such a mentally stimulating business, but on the other hand being recognised for the kind of thing I do is a really nice thing for me. Particularly in the face of all the dark attempts at so-called ‘art’, including writing, that seem to get funded and promoted so easily. Know what I mean?

The right client will appear.

Writers Shouldn’t Be Paid Also?

‘How to Stay Young and Beautiful Forever’ by Lara Adams

Carrying on from the post I wrote a while ago (below) regarding how people often ask artists to work for free, here’s an excellent post from top copywriter Robert Bly regarding people trying to get free work from writers too –



Submit ExpressSubmit Express – SEO Services




Bestseller! That’s what I expect my new ghostwriting book to be. Even better, my name will be on the cover of a ghostwritten book I’ve worked on for the first time!

It’s been a real pleasure working on this ghostwritten book, can’t tell you what it is right now because I’m still finishing it off and it isn’t sold yet – but this is the kind of book that many people love reading and I think this definitely could be a bestseller.

Watch this space!